Suspension Systems

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Excellent driving safety and maximum comfort

Individualized load adjustments using hydraulic accumulators reduce vibration and shock forces under any operating condition.

Excellent driving comfort, greater safety and a long operating life – that is what buyers of agricultural andconstruction machinery expect. Among other factors, these requirements depend on the suspension systems used on axles, wheels and the cab. With individualized load adjustments using hydropneumatic systems, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies has succeeded in significantly reducing the incidence of vibrations and shock forces. This improves handling characteristics and comfort.

Improved handling characteristics and greater safety

Hydrospeicher Accumulators

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies provides three distinct hydropneumatic solutions for axle and wheel suspension systems that are precisely tailored to the individual demands of agricultural and construction machinery manufacturers. They range from basic suspension for a maximum axle load of 40 kN with two-stage rigidity, all the way to optimal handling dynamics with regulated stiffness/damping (100 kN axle load) in all operating ranges. The company’s hydropneumatic systems for axles and wheels are a combination of hydraulic accumulators and a valve block that can be easily integrated into each machine and that has the required hydraulic functions. An electrical control unit is optional. Piston and diaphragm accumulators made of various materials are available in all sizes up to 3.5 liters and pressures up to 350 bar.

The advantages of hydropneumatic systems include improved handling characteristics and increased safety. They are mainly brought to bear during driving at high speeds as well as in combined loading and transport applications. Full traction is ensured under all operating conditions. Moreover, a variety of individual options are available:

  • Blocking the suspension in any position and switch-on without shock forces
  • Nick control during acceleration and braking
  • Active roll control while driving on curves
  • Adaptive damping

In active damping, the optimal damping setting is calculated with the help of advanced control algorithms for every driving condition.

Excellent driving comfort

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies provides various levels of comfort for the cab suspension as well:

  • Level 1 (standard elastomers)
  • Level 2 (hydraulic mount)
  • Level 3 (hydropneumatic suspension)
  • Level 4 (hydropneumatic suspension with adaptive damping)

As in hydropneumatic axle and wheel suspension systems, adaptive damping calculates the optimum setting of the damping value for any driving condition. When necessary, it can be adjusted on a targeted basis.


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