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The Hallite 846 wiper is designed to exclude dirt and moisture from entering the cylinder and to collect traces of fluid passing the rod seal.

One special feature of the wiper design are the thin membranes which burst when excessive fluid pressure is trapped between the wiper and the rod seal and prevent the wiper being forced out of its housing. After release of this pressure, the membranes close to protect against contamination from the outside. This feature removes the requirement for an expensive vent hole in the gland.

A second feature is the sealing flap on the wiping lip that completely seals the metal housing groove, preventing the ingress of dirt and moisture around the outside diameter of the wiper.

Precision moulded in Hallite’s high performance polyurethane, Hythane® 181, for maximum wear resistance and temperature range, the wiper is designed to remove lightly adhered dirt, dust and moisture from the rod.

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