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Designed with the same look and feel as the popular T-842, the T-820 wiper is engineered to fit the same “D” groove as our T-520 wiper, common in many North American cylinders. However, this profile was developed specifically for harsher environments than the T520, where the wiper is subject to numerous contaminants, such as in Agriculture, Off-Highway, and Forestry equipment.

What makes the T-820 unique is the protective debris guard, which entirely covers the retaining groove. This feature offers added protection to the integrity of the hydraulic system. Often with a normal “D” style wiper, it is possible to trap liquids or debris in the wiper cavity or pocket around the O.D of the wiper. This will eventually allow it to corrode the pocket or pass debris around the wiper contaminating the entire system. This results in down time, as well as repair and warranty costs. Another advantage of the T-820 is that it is easy to install without the use of special tooling as in the case of a metal press-in wiper normally spec’d for harsh environments.

The T-820 incorporates the same I.D ribs found on the T-520 to enhance low friction operation, as well as prevent pressure trap between the wiper and the primary rod seal.

The standard material offering is the same hydrolysis-resistant Hythane® Polyurethane as other Hallite performance seals. This material has excellent compression set characteristics, excellent wear, and abrasive resistance, and proven performance with a vast variety of fluids. The T-820 is also offered in a number of other polyurethanes such as the Hythane® 361, and Hythane® 371 a proprietary 55 shore D urethane.

Other Materials may be available upon special request, please contact your nearest sales office or distributor for details or inquiries.

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