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The Hallite 520 snap-in rod wiper has been designed to fit “Universal” style housings. The proportions of the wiping lip ensure that contact is maintained with the surface of the rod to remove heavily deposited mud, ice, etc. The outside diameter contacts the housing diameter and has a sealing lip to prevent moisture entering the groove. The molded ribs on the internal diameter provide extra stability to the seal and help prevent pressure trapping.

The Hallite 520 is available in two polyurethane or a polyester based compound and can be used with a split housing, however the majority can be installed in a blind housing with care.

Material option:
The part numbers shown are for 93 IRHD polyurethane. If you require this product in 55D polyester or 96 IRHD Hallite 361 polyurethane, please change the last digit of the part number when ordering.

For example:
8880910 = polyurethane
8880911 = polyester
8880916 = Hallite 361

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