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The Hallite 14 is a vee pack rod seal for heavy duty applications offering excellent performance and long life even under difficult conditions such as pressure surges, vibration and some misalignment. The seal consists of a male and female adaptor and three vee rings.

The male adapter is usually manufactured from polyacetal but some of the larger sizes are rubberised fabric. It has grooves across one face to ensure equal pressure to the sealing edges of the vee ring.

All sizes have vee rings manufactured from rubberised fabric because this has strength and durability and permits an oil film to lubricate the other parts of the seal. The smaller sizes are supplied with a rubber vee ring between the rubberised fabric vee rings.

The female adaptor uses a hard rubberised fabric to support the vee rings and protect them from extrusion damage. At high pressure the lips of the adaptor act as a secondary seal.

Please note:  We stock all of the components needed to make any size Type 14 Vee Pack. To request a custom made Vee Pack to suit your specific needs, please visit our Custom Seals form and select Vee Pack from the drop down menu.

Alternatively, for further information about these and any other sizes that you are looking for, please contact your local Hallite sales office.

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