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Hallite 09 vee packings incorporates the Hallite 08 vee ring manufactured from fabric reinforced high grade nitrile rubber, which is normally used in multiples in a set with a male and female adaptor. The parts are ‘stacked’ together and must be lubricated liberally with clean operating fluid prior to assembly.

The packing must be axially pre-loaded by the housng. This pre-load works through the male adaptor on the pressure side, exerting a hinging action on the vees, forcing the sealing lips apart to ensure a low pressure seal. As the pressure increases, so the hinging action increases, increasing the effectiveness of the seal even where severe vibration, shock loading and knuckling may occur.

The standard Hallite 09 comprises of three vees and two adaptors, available in metric and imperial inch sizes. In addition to the ranges the Hallite 09 is also available for the standard American inch housings. Some adaptors are rubber fabric while others are polyacetal resin. Individual vee rings are stocked to supplement the sets, but should be noted that individual adaptors are only available in special circumstances.

Please note:  We stock all of the components needed to make any size Type 09 Vee Pack. To request a custom made Vee Pack to suit your specific needs, please visit our Custom Seals form and select Vee Pack from the drop down menu.

Alternatively, for further information about these and any other sizes that you are looking for, please contact your local Hallite sales office.

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