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The Hallite 07 is a multi lip rod seal, for medium to heavy duty applications, composed of a header ring, vee rings and a female adapter.

The header ring is the primary seal. It is a bonded construction of rubberised fabric vee ring and rubber. When installed the section is pre-loaded to seal at low pressure but has the strength and durability of the fabric to operate at higher pressures. Rubberised fabric is also used for the vee rings. These provide secondary sealing as pressure acting on the header ring spreads the vee rings increasing the sealing area. The female adapter provides the support and protection from extrusion damage. It is manufactured in either polyacetal or hard rubberiesed fabric. The assembly is a pressure activated packing that does not require any axial pre-load.

The range has a header ring, a female adapter and 2 vee rings. Other sizes and constructions are available on request.

Please note:  We stock all of the components needed to make any size Type 07 Vee Pack. To request a custom made Vee Pack to suit your specific needs, please visit our Custom Seals form and select Vee Pack from the drop down menu.

Alternatively, for further information about these and any other sizes that you are looking for, please contact your local Hallite sales office.

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