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The Hallite 720 is a complete, self contained piston, bearing and seal in one assembly that can solve difficult assembly problems or be used as a cost effective alternative to the traditional piston assembly with a seperately fitted seal and bearing.

The Hallite 720 provides improved stability and has smaller extrusion gaps that extend the life of the piston seal. Moulding the bearing material over the outer diameter gives an extremely tight fit between the piston and the cylinder inner diameter. The piston diameter is tightly controlled, reducing the number of critical tolerance variables resulting in increased performance.

Material option:
The materials used for the Standard Unitized Piston are selected to handle a broad range of appliaction parameters.

It is constructed using four components:

  • High strength steel body
  • Non-metallic bearing
  • Rubber loading ring
  • Filled PTFE seal ring (inch sizes)
  • Polyurethane seal ring (metric sizes)

The piston body is machined to exact dimensions. The non-metallic bearing material is moulded to the piston using a special propriety process. It is then machined to the final precise OD dimension and the seal is installed. It is supplied ready for use in cylinder.

Produced today in a wide range of sizes, bearing and seal materials, Hallite’s exclusive Type 720 Unitised Piston is available off the shelf in numerous standard metric and inch sizes.

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