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The Hallite 310 rotary pressure seal is designed specifically for use in hydraulic swivel joints. The seal assembly consists of a carbon filled PTFE seal ring energised by an NBR O ring. For aggressive media an FKM O ring can be substituted. The face material and design provides high abrasion resistance and low friction to allow running at low rotational speeds with minimal stick-slip. The low friction is helped by the groove in the sliding face, which provides an oil reservoir. The groove also reduces the contact area with the rotating counterface and allows a higher contact pressure. The circular recess in the outer diameter increases the contact of the face with the O ring and minimises the possibility of the sealing components rotating relative to each other.

NB: Part numbers suffixed by “‡” indicate housing sizes to meet ISO7425-2.

Note: When the Hallite 310 is used as an end seal, it is recommended that it is protected with a wiper.

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