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The Hallite 616 is a revolutionary seal from Hallite, incorporating the sealing efficiency of the Hallite 605 with the compact grooves used by PTFE rod seals.

Hallite’s 616 is an asymmetric twin lip seal, designed for light and medium duty applications where space and friction are at a premium.

Manufactured in Hallite’s high performance polyurethane Hythane® 181, the Hallite 616 is an extremely flexible seal making installation very easy.

Note:  Hallite 616 is used either as a single seal or in a combination with Hallite 16. The latter arrangement is recommended when pressure peaks can occur, as in cylinders with cushioning, in this case the Hallite 16 is fitted into the ressure side of the housing while the Hallite 616 ensures minial leakage sealing.

It is recommended that Hallite Seals be consulted when considering this arrangement.

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