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The Hallite 512 is a standard profile loaded U cup utilising a polyurethane or polyester shell energised by a high specification O ring.

At zero or low pressure, the O ring helps to increase the sealing force, preventing any by-pass. As pressure rises, so the sealing force increases, with the O ring ensuring complete lip actuation under most conditions.

The deep profile of this seal provides extra stability needed to resist rolling in the groove and together with the knife trimmed precision sealing lips, the results are improved life and sealing. The 512 can be used for single acting applications or fitted back to back for double acting applications. Although it can also be used as a rod seal, other profiles like 513, 606 or 621 are a better option.

•  Flexible for easy installation
•  Excellent resistance to abrasion
•  Positive lip actuation
•  Deep profile for stability
•  Wide range of sizes and material options

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