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Used in tandem, the Hallite 16 rod seal provides the designer with a compact low friction seal for light to medium duty hydraulic cylinders.

It has a special filled PTFE ring with a pre-loaded lip energised by an O ring. The lip is designed to have a contact area with the rod adequate to retain the media at low pressure. As high pressure acts on the O ring it compresses the lip against the rod increasing the contact area and the effictiveness of the seal.

The special PTFE ring has the low frictional properties normally associated with this material but is strengthened by additives to reduce creep. It has a low breakout friction so stick-slip is eliminated.

Standard seals are supplied with a nitrile O ring but other materials can be provided.

For the best results it is recommended that two seals are fitted. The PTFE ring should always be mounted with the sealing lip on the pressure side. Sizes above 30mm are easily installed by deforming the PTFE ring into a kidney shape, sizes under 30mm are best installed using a tool, details of which can be provided.

A number of material options can be provided to extend operating conditions. Please ensure that thecorrect part number is specified for the material option as indicated.

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