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The Hallite 15 rod seal has been well proven in many applications requiring a compact, low friction seal to work efficiently both at low and high pressures.

The seal comprises a rubberised fabric U ring to give strength and durability, to which is moulded a rubber header. It is designed to have a controlled pre-load across the angled rubber lips which are accurately trimmed, to ensure a good seal at low pressure.

The seal becomes more effective as the pressure increases and the rubberised fabric deforms to the housing increasing the seal contact area. The surface of the fabric has pockets which retain lubrication to reduce friction and wear.

The proportions of the range have been determined to give a satisfactory performance when used with the recommended operating conditions. Many other sizes are available outside this range.

The range should be fitted to split housings as shown, but sizes marked* can be fitted to a grooved gland housing, if assembled with care.

NB:  Size lists give “on line” tolerances for rod applications.

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