Pneumatic Seals

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Pneumatic Seals

Since the launch of Hallite’s versatile 600 series of seals, there has been a continual research and development program, organised by Hallite and with the co-operation of original equipment manufacturers into the demanding world of pneumatic sealing.

As a result, Hallite are now able to offer a range of seals especially suited to pneumatic applications. The Hallite Type 607, Type 608 piston seals, Type 609 rod seal, Type 661 cushion seal and the Type 851 and Type 853 combined rod / wiper seals are manufactured in Hallite Hythane® and have been specifically designed for use in pneumatic applications.

Hallite Hythane® is a specially developed elastomer, formulated to give optimum properties, particularly wear, elasticity, flexibility and outstanding compression resistance.

•  Ultra long life
•  Ultra low friction
•  Water resistant
•  Wide temperature capability

Other specialist seal designs exist for solving particular problem applications. A wide range of ancillary products are available – Type 506 bearings, acetal bearings, ‘O’ rings etc…

Should you require any further information or advice on material or application, please contact your local Hallite Seals sales office.


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