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The Hallite 83 Tri-Seal assembly offers the engineer many advantages when considering the design of cast iron, bronze, alloy etc. one-piece pistons in double-acting hydraulic cylinders, not the least being cost effectiveness with long and efficient seal life.

The Tri-Seal consists of two split plastic anti-extrusion rings and a nitrile synthetic rubber sealing member. Under pressure, the seal exerts a wedging action on the anti-extrusion ring, reducing the clearance between the cylinder bore and the piston, thus minimising the possibility of extrusion of the seal.

Wear rings are also available for this assembly, allowing the designer to benefit from the following advantages:

•  Eliminate metal to metal contact in the bore
•  One piece steel piston
•  Improved alignment for optimum seal life
•  Smoother operation

Note: For availability of sizes not listed please consult your local Hallite sales department.

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