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A robust seal assembly designed specifically for one piece pistons, the Hallite 64 double acting seal uses a rubber sealing element which has proved itself in service to be extremely wear resistant and capable of working most effectively in a wide variety of medium to heavy duty applications.

The assembly comprises a rubber seal, two split support rings and two split bearings, one of each located either side of the seal. The nitrile rubber seal is designed to have its section compressed by the housing, to ensure a low pressure seal, and when pressurised be protected from extrusion damage by the extending lips of the support ring. The support ring is manufactured from a tough but flexible polymer and scarf cut for assembly.

L section bearings provide the support and guidance for the piston and other parts of the seal.

For seals up to 90mm diameter d3 is not required. Above 90mm diameter the seals benefit from the additional support of the L-section bearings.

All seals are also suitable for two piece housings.

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