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A medium to heavy duty double acting seal, the Hallite 56 has shown itself over many years to be an effective and robust piston seal in a wide variety of applications. Designed for split pistons it offers the benefits in terms of sealing efficiency and low friction gained from rubber/fabric and a specific proportion of rubber in contact with th ecylinder surface.

The centre of the seal is rubber which is bonded to two ‘U’ section bases of rubberised fabric, and is compressed by the housing to obtain an effective low pressure seal. When the pressure increases the rubber seal energises the ‘U’ section and deforms it to the housing, increasing the sealing area and improving the seal.

Rubberised fabric is used to protect the rubber becauseit has strength and durability which combines with its abilityto retain lubricant, to help keep friction low and reduce wear.

The proportions of the range have been determined to give a satisfactory performance when used with the recommended operating conditions.

Many other sizes are available outside this range.

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