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The Hallite 454 double acting piston seal provides the designer with a compact, low friction seal for light to medium duty hydraulic cylinders.

It comprises a bronze filled PTFE ring, which is pre-loaded by an O ring to be effective for the operating pressure range recommended. As the pressure rises the O ring deforms and compresses the PTFE ring against the tube wall increasing the sealing force and the effectiveness of the seal. As only the PTFE ring is in contact with the sliding surface, friction is very low and stick slip movement is eliminated.

The housing width allows the designer to use a narrow width piston, but it is recommended an adequate bearing is mounted either side of the seal as shown.

A number of material options can be provided to extend operating conditions. Please ensure that the correct part number is specified for the material option as indicated.

The Hallite 454 seal is not recommended for applications where it is necessary for the pressurised cylinder to maintain the load in a set position.

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