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Hallite 87 bearing strip has the ability to support side loads and eliminate ‘stick slip’ between moving parts. The accurately dimensioned rectangular cross section is produced from a special combination of PTFE and Bronze materials. It has excellent heat resistance and strength to resist creep, making it suitable for bearings with reciprocating, oscillating or rotary movement, whether lubricated or not.

Our standard range of cross section sizes are proportioned to be wrapped around a wide range of rod or piston diameters. Installation of the bearing is an easy task. Calculate and measure length L2 (see overleaf), cut the strip with a sharp blade and fit to the groove. If required we will be pleased to supply bearings to your sizes. Independent testing has established the typical properties which make the Hallite 87 worthwhile considering for many applications other than hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders. When using the compressive stress at yield in your calculation it is suggested a 4:1 factor of safety is applied.

The material is compatible with hydraulic mineral oil, lubricating oil, water based and synthetic fire resistant fluids and lubricating grease. Although the material is rated at 200°C, the recommended maximum temperature for bearing applications is 60°C.

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