Hydraulic Seal Catalogue

In this catalogue you will find an overview of seals and sealing or bearing materials. Please select the suitable seal or sealing combination and material(s) for your application. When you have any difficulties with selection of seal or a material, contact your AST representative.
Sealing surfaces are very much known for influencing the wear, extrusion and the leakage rate for a sealing system. When applying our sealing systems, please follow our specifications. You will find these specifications in the schedule included in this catalogue.

Inflatable Seal Catalogue

Inflatable seal are tubular elastomer seals which are activated by internal pressurisation (inflatable seals). Inflatable seal are used wherever reliable sealing of accesses to plants, containers and rooms is demanded. They represent a technically improved alternative to the known contact pressure seals. The wide range of high-pressure and lowpressure seals and the numerous elastomer materials offer the designer potential solutions to an enormous variety of applications. Inflatable seal can be easily adapted to the form of the surface to be sealed and are therefore generally manufactured to the customer’s drawings. We are naturally most willing to advise you on your own draft designs.

Machine Slyd - A Catalogue

Machine Slyd – A is a high performance thermoplastic material for use on linear bearing application as found on the guideways of machine tools and other linear bearing applications. Guideways on machine tools ensure the exact direction of motion of components such as slides, sleeves, quills, plungers, etc. At the same time, guideways must bear the weight of the guided components and workpieces and absorb the machining forces without deformation. This places critical demands on the machine tool guideways

Heavy Duty Mechanical Face Seal Catalog

Advanced Sealing Technology designs, produces and delivers dedicated heavy duty mechanical face seal solutions among other sealing solutions. We are a one-stop shop providing the best in elastomer, thermoplastic, PTFE, mechanical and composite sealing technologies for applications in practically all industries.

Self-Lubricating Bearing & Wear Materials Catalogue

AST Composites are commonly used to replace more traditional bronze, babbitt, nylon and wood bearing materials. Ideally suited for high load, slow speed applications, AST Composites are designed to operate without external lubrication, and offer smooth, quiet performance. AST Composites offer higher load capacity and better dimensional stability than other nonmetallic materials. When high strength, low friction and wear are important, AST is the clear choice

Full EMEA Catalogue 2013-14

Making world class products for highly specified mission critical applications goes beyond excellence in engineering and

Hallite Armorlene PTFE Product Catalog: Second edition

At Hallite , we want to help you forget about your seals. It’s not that we don’t understand the critical role they play in the performance and productivity of your equipment

Hallite PTFE Fluid Power Seals - 2015 product profiles

At Hallite, we want to help you forget about your seals. It’s not that we don’t understand the critical role they play in the performance and productivity of your equipment –
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