Design instructions inflatable seals

Design instructions inflatable seals


Selection of seals

A very wide range of applications can be covered thanks to the large number of different profile geometries.

Inflatable seals can be used for axial acting and radial acting applications.


On both applications profiles do have their own limitations for radii. The design must be set accordingly these limitations.

The simplest and cheapest design is to use a radius in the extruded profile. Not all radii can be made in all profiles or materials. Different materials behave different in the same dimensional corners. Therefor pre-moulded corners are available or can be made accordingly the customer requirements.

If for design reasons radii are not permissible, right angled corners can be manufactured with a limited number of profile cross-sections. However it is only possible for axial sealing. Please contact Advanced Sealing Technology for specific information for your application.

Sealing gaps

The maximum permissible gaps specified in the dimension tables should be used as a guideline.

The smaller the profile section, the smaller the permissible gap. The activation time is a result of the extension gap of the seal. Also, smaller gaps allow a higher internal pressure and so a higher system pressure to be sealed.


All sealing surfaces coming into contact with the seal must be smooth and have no burrs. Any weld peaks can make the seal fail.

No pointed or sharp items must be allowed to come near the seal or come into contact with the seal.

The recommended surface roughness is; Ra 0,8 – 1,6 mµ, Rmax 4 -10mµ.

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