The AST 66 is a simple and easily installed seal that can be used wherever a highly reliable, anti-clog seal is needed. Its narrow seal face design and hydraulic balance make it a cool-running seal. The floating rotary seal ring eliminates seal face distortion inherent to shrink fit designs. Since all the springs are isolated from the pumped fluid, flush rates can be reduced to minimize product dilution.
The AST 66 Seal is designed for use throughout the process industries:
• Food Processing
• Corn Processing
• Chemical Processing
• Pharmaceuticals
• Water Treatment
• Mining Services
• Marine Operations
• Sugar Refining
• Petroleum Systems
• Power and Energy
• Pulp and Paper
• Phosphate Production
• Brewing and Distilling
• Waste Treatment
The AST 66 is easy to rebuild on site using standard tools, so you never have to wait for seal repairs, and you never have to worry about installing exchange seals that might have previously held hazardous materials.


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