The AST 50 Mechanical Seal is readily accessible, not hidden in the stuffing box, so it’s easy to install and replace. Since the proper spring compression is preset, there are only three steps to installation. Just slide the rotary unit over the shaft until it comes in contact with the stationary face, tighten the drive ring to the shaft, and remove the retaining clips.
The AST 50 Seal is designed for use
• where an outside seal is required,
• as a low cost replacement for seals made of exotic metals,
• in corrosive fluids that attack inside-mounted mechanical seals,
• in food processing where the seal must be cleaned in place for sanitation.
This seal has no metal parts in direct contact with the pumped fluid. The multiple springs are also isolated from the fluid. Unlike reverse-mounted inside seals, the AST 50 is hydraulically balanced for use as an outside seal.


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