Unfazed by dirt and rain

Wipers protect pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders from contaminants

Wipers in pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders protect the interior of the cylinder from the penetration of external contaminants when the rod is retracted. Freudenberg, Sealing Technologies offers the right wiper for every kind of cylinder and application – with the maximum reliability and longevity.

Maximum protection through precise adjustment


Primary and secondary seals as well as the guides of modern sealing systems require reliable protection the use of wipers. Dirt, dust, moisture and other environmental influences must not contaminate the operating medium and must above all be kept away from the pressure-loaded sealing edges and other contact zones. Depending on the application, simple wipers with or without metal reinforcement (Fig.) as well as double wipers with or without pressure relief come into use.

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies, wipers are precisely adjusted to the particular conditions of use and are impressive for their maximum protective effect.

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