Enormous force on an extremely small area

Piston seals from Freudenberg Sealing Technologies stay in shape
even under the greatest loads

Piston seals in pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders have the task of sealing the piston against the cylinder tube. The goal is to avoid the transfer of the pressurized operating medium to the pressureless side, allowing the efficient and reliable movement of the piston with the lowest possible friction and without drift.

High functionality thanks to the right materials

Kolbendichtungen Piston Seals

Piston seals from Freudenberg Sealing Technologies are used in a wide variety of state-of-the-art sealing systems. They are specially adapted to their particular tasks and conditions of use. Their high level of functionality is impressive.

State-of-the-art hydraulic piston seals can be precisely adjusted to a particular application with the selection of suitable materials.Polyurethane and PTFE materials mainly come into use. In combination with the Freudenberg Sealing Technology geometries – which have been proven a million times over – they always provide the optimal solution.

There are different ways to seal pistons in pneumatic cylinders (see illustration). In this case as well, the right products are available from the Freudenberg Sealing Technologies portfolio.

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