We make our customers sealing proposals for their specific application as a service. We can visit your location for a better understanding of your sealing problem.

2D or 3D, rendered or not rendered, can be supplied for a better understanding and for discussion. In this way we will together with you find the best solution for your systems.

We do make service contract with our customers to make life easy for them. All service contracts are customer specific because all situations are different from each other. Stocking of spare parts or leasing can be included when needed.


Training or workshops

We have the possibility to organise a sealing training for your company. Possible subjects could be surface patterns, sealing materials or geometrics, installation etc.

When interested do not hesitate to contact us and ask for possibilities.

Surface parameters

We are glad to help you with more knowledge and measurements about your hardware. We are very modern equipped and trained to be able to advise you on this. In this way we help you with better sealing and longer lifetimes. We can explain about all different surface parameters and their effect on your seals and their behaviour. Off course you can have a report of our findings.

Please contact us when you have questions.


    You can request a quotation without obligation

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