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Advanced Sealing Technology is a specialist in sealing and sliding bearing solutions.

Our aim is to be a one of a kind in this market driven by knowledge, expertise and support.

We are specialised in developing customer specific sealing and bearing solutions. Nevertheless we also offer standard seals to complete our package.

We also work on a project base for finding customer specific solutions in close cooperation with our customers.

We are and independent company with our own products but also work together sometimes with the larger brands in the sealing market to complete our sealing package and possibilities.

We don’t like standard packaging, minimum order values for the standard products available. This is why we don’t work with that.

Advanced Sealing Technology is technically experience and equipped as you may expect from a specialist. The combination of technical knowledge, quality products and customer solutions makes Advanced Sealing Solutions your best partner for solutions but also for your daily need for standard seals.

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